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I Got $1500 of Free Stuff This Month. How I Did It and You Can Too

I was able to get $1500 worth of free stuff this month.

It was a couple valuable courses from millionaires that have resulted in even more earned money from the lessons I’ve learned. I’m a firm believer online courses and e-books are going to take over the education system soon unless schools are able to upgrade their system but back to the point…

How did I do this?

Two words


Tai Lopez and Gary Vee have created a whole new industry and have mastered it. Tai and Gary do the same thing when you get to the core of their business, they have created a brand around themselves. They have different styles and go about it differently but they’ve both created awesome brands. You can do this too. Create a brand through youtube or instagram.

With my instagram page (my brand)  I’ve been able to help so many people by giving out financial education. That’s where I, GIVE. People have been grateful for the info and I’ve also reached out to a couple people to affiliate market their course and I get access in return. When you focus on giving instead of taking in business, you will be rewarded in the future and it’ll come back to bite you…in a good way (:

The key in 2018 is to create an awesome brand, whether it’s a self brand or business brand. Everything is going online and you need to master your online brand/presence. Start your brand today and start earning free stuff/actual cash today!



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