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This One Book Changed My Life

If you are able to shift your mindset you can completely change your life for the better. These mind shifting moments happen at different times for everyone, it could be a one on one talk with a companion, a big life event such as having a child or even reading a book…

That’s what happened for me.

I always thought I was destined to get my finance degree,get a decent 9-5 job and retire at 60-65 then I read The 4 Hour work Week by Tim Ferris. Reading this book could completely change your life too because Tim presents a new reality of life.

The framework for most of this book is structured under the acronym “DEAL”:

Definition: Replace self-defeating assumptions.

The-4-Hour-WorkweekElimination: Forget time management; learn to ignore the unimportant. (provides time)

Automation: Learn to put cash flow on autopilot. (provides income)

Liberation: Create freedom of location. (provides mobility)

Tim teaches you how to redefine fears and take on life in a completely new way. You’ll learn exactly how to create a self sustaining passive business all while being able to travel the world. He explains that although you might not be able to copy his exact steps you can apply his methods to make it work for you in your own unique way.

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