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Get Rich in The Next Recession

A recession is a part of the business cycle where the economy has slowed down and declined for a period of time. Most people fear recessions and think of them as a time where everyone’s losing their money. Don’t be like most people.

z-wallpaper-bull-statue-in-manhattan.jpgWarren Buffet made $10 billion in the last financial meltdown of 2008-2011.

How does someone make so much money when the rest of the country is panicking with all their money? The smart investor knows that this is the best time to buy. Recessions provide buying opportunities in stocks that are otherwise too high priced to buy. Think of recession’s as a sale at your favorite store.

If you saw your favorite pair of shoes that are originally $250 for $100 you would buy them in an instant.

A recession puts discounts on your favorite company’s stocks. The stock market is driven by human emotion and everyone’s fear causes them to panic and sell, shooting all these stock prices down. Buy low and sell high.

Make sure you do your own research and find what companies are the best stocks to buy. It’s best to invest in what you know and use everyday, such as if you shop at Costco every week that might be a potential investment for you.


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