4 Realistic Ways to Make 5 Figures or More Online

The world is full of opportunity today. You have the ability to make money while in bed, sitting on your phone. This opportunity is called the internet.

Before we dive into the 4 ways you can make some serious cash online I want to tell you, how much you make is fully dependent on you and how much work/time you’re willing to put in.

You could make $500 or you could end up making a full time living online…

Now let’s dive into the strategies!

1.) Personal coaching

Consider yourself an expert at something? Or maybe you have a ripped body and love the gym. Create a self-brand on social media, ideally instagram and/or youtube. Once you have built credibility in your field take in one client for free, make them successful and now you can leverage that student’s success to get more students/clients that will actually pay for your expertise. People like Joey Swole, former bodybuilder who now rakes in millions of dollars from online coaching have proven this model time and time again.

2.) Online Products

This method also requires that you build a brand of some sort. You can sell T-shirts, shoes, customized cups, it doesn’t matter what you sell. Create a branded page on social media and grow it. While growing it do a couple giveaways and create demand for your product, eventually you’ll be getting a lot of order per day and will be making a solid side income. Company’s like Fashionnova have taken over instagram leading to millions in sales for their clothing brand.

3.) Affiliate Marketing

Bring eyes to someone else’s product and make a portion of the sale. That’s affiliate marketing in it’s purest form. You can affiliate market without a large audience but you will have to spend some money on ads to bring in leads to yobuy-online-business.jpgur funnels. Be strategic with your targeting and make sure you only affiliate the best products that you actually use.

4.) Social Media Marketing

Use what you do everyday to your advantage. There are so many businesses getting left behind because they don’t know how to use social media. Become an expert on instagram, facebook ad’s and then go look around where you live for local business’s you think could need some help. Take over their social media, and get them more customers while earning a monthly retainer in return.

Hope you enjoyed these ideas and will start making some more money on the side (:



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