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Tai Lopez is a Genius. Here’s Why

Okay wait.

Before you read this I want you to have an open mind, I know many people don’t find Tai admirable but this is purely based on his business tactics. Drop a comment and let me know if you agree or disagree after reading this.

Tai Lopez is a mastermind marketer. He is often called a scam artist but he doesn’t do anything different than any other business. He has mastered marketing and made himself the business. He grew a brand faster than anyone I’ve everĀ TaiLopez.pngseen, he was one of the first to utilize google ad words and youtube ads to an extreme and now everyone’s copying his video styles. You clicking on this article is proof of how strong of a brand he made.

He started his brand story as just “a guy in his garage” and is now a big celebrity allowing his viewers to almost grow in his journey with him. He is now able to relate to people at all levels, that’s powerful.

He gets criticized for showing off cars and girls but that’s what draws teens and guys in their 20s in. They admire those things so he uses that marketing tactic. He hooks you in with this flashy stuff but he actually has substance on the other end. It’s better for people to get hooked to someone’s content like his because he actually educates instead of people like Dan Blizerian (no offense Dan) who just shows the flashy cars and women just to show it off.

Tai is one of the best digital marketers of our time, at the very least, watch what he does and try to learn from him.

Let me know what your thoughts are on Tai


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