3 Keys to Making Money Online

E-commerce sales have are up to $119 billion  according to the US census Bureau.

It’s becoming more and more crucial to haphoto-1460925895917-afdab827c52fve an online presence, specially in the e-commerce world.

Here are 3 Keys to making money online

1.) Master Marketing

Paid ads on sites like Facebook can get your ads in front of 10s of thousands of people so you need to learn how to create an ad that will capture and keep their attention. Use tactics like color schemes and sale words to boost the amount of customers you get.

2.) Content Creation

Content creation is an art not many have perfected. Study famous Youtubers, Instagrammer’s, etc. to see how they’re creating such viral content. Look at them not as a viewer but as a psychologist and figure out what makes their content stick.

3.) Have a website where you can funnel emails

Email marketing still has some of the highest conversion rates of all online marketing. Create an attractive niche site that gives people an incentive such as a free phone case or a giveaway entry so they want too give you their email.

If you are not online with your business then you’re missing out on a lot of sales, Use these techniques to take your e-commerce numbers to the next level.

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