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How to Network For Success

Networking can dramatically change your life and put you in a position to execute your goals. Look at the 5 people closest to you, are they building you up, making you better, and supporting your dreams? It’s time to surround yourself with a million dollar team.

Here’s how to network for success

1.) Figure out what and who matter’s most

Decide what you’re really looking for, if you have more self-awareness you’ll be able to connect with more like-minded people. Are you looking for creatives? Entrepreneurs? It really doesn’t matter as long as you know what kind of people you want to attract.

2.) Give before you take

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When conversing with an individual look to add value to the conversation and for the other person. This will put you in a better place in their mind and make them want to talk more with you/exchange info.

3.) Never label someone as unimportant

You cannot judge someone by first appearance, try to find the value in everyone…you might just be talking to the next CEO of Amazon.

4.) Network before you need it

It’s way harder to try to break into the inner circle of successful people when they’re deep into their career, start building trust equity early and look for the potential in people.

5.) Be genuine and interesting

Don’t just talk to people to try to get something out of them. Seek real friendships by being yourself. Being yourself will allow you to be interesting and stand out from everyone else.

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