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What is Affiliate Marketing and How Can I Make Money With It?

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Would you like to make $500 a week as completely passive income? Of course you would!

Here’s how it works

-You (the affiliate) gets rewarded from a business for bringing traffic and customers to them through your own marketing efforts. Ideally you market a product you use and like, choose the right targeted audience to market too and make some commissions.

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Pro’s: its’ low risk because it’s not your product and you don’t have to put any money down besides creating a website.

Con’s: it’s not all sunshine will affiliate marketing. Your only getting a part of the sale and it is harder than it’s made out to be. It takes time to create the proper systems but if done right can turn into some nice passive income

photo-1500496733680-167c3db69389.jpegAffiliate Marketing is easier when you have an audience but you can run paid ads to promote products. You can do this through any social media, specially Youtube or create what’s called a ‘niche site’ where you create a website revolving around a certain niche where you market. You need to learn how to create awesome sales funnels that lead to higher conversion rates, try using sites such as Clickfunnels for this.

How do you know if a product’s worth it to market?

You want to try and get affiliate commissions no lower than 5-8% for high ticket sales. It’s hard to make money being an affiliate for books unless you have a very large audience you’re marketing too because you only make 3-5% and books are very cheap online so you’ll make cents on the dollar. Shoot for higher priced items (headsets, equipment, etc.) therefore each sale you’re making hundreds instead of a couple dollars. Make sure the product you’re promoting is actually a good product or you’ll quickly lose credibility as an affiliate, which is why it’s best to use products that you have used and thoroughly enjoyed.

There are a ton extra tips and tricks you can learn to make this process go faster and make extra affiliate commissions. I’d suggest taking a course on affiliate marketing before getting into it because there’s more to it than you think.

Best of luck if you’re going to take this journey as an affiliate. (:


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