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How to Create Your Dream Life

Working for someone else just isn’t fun. You want time, freedom, the ability to travel when and wherever.

But how do you achieve all this?

The key in creating your dream life is breaking down your month to month expenses and figuring out how much money you need to cover them. For example

Rent + Utilities -$650photo-1490723412895-f49eb0a9ce0a.jpeg

Phone $50



Now you look at your expenses and work on taking 1 out at a time with side income. It could be selling on amazon, affiliate marketing, etc. Starting out with the smallest bill. If you can make $50 extra a month with your side hustle then you can take out that phone bill.

Work on doing each bill one at a time and when you’re able to cover your expenses with your side hustle you can now quit your job.

With all the time you’ll gain from quitting your job you can now scale that side hustle into a full time income and surpass your monthly expenses.

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