How to Invest $500

This blog was written based on the idea that you will want to make more than the normal 5%-10% yearly returns on your money and maximize your return on your investment. I recently wrote a blog post on how Warren Buffet chooses his stocks but it occurred to me that not everyone has thousands of dollars sitting aside ready to invest, let alone $1,000 so I thought I’d discuss how you can invest $500.

The first option is my personal favorite because it’s something I’ve done and found a lot of success with.

Invest in yourself 

The harsh truth is it’s going to be hard to get a decent return in the stock market with just $500. Investing in yourself through online courses and business/ self-help books can potentially make you thousands in return.

I’ve bought too many books to count and countless online courses on topics like stock trading, growing large instagram accounts and affiliate marketing. I was able to make $1300 just last month with this acquired knowledge.

Figure out a business you would be interested in starting and find the top rated books and courses that can help you make some serious money.

Investing in lower priced growth stocks

If you’re going to invest in stocks with $500, you should look for growth stocks, meaning stocks with a lot of room and potential to grow. To find lower priced growth stocks you’ll want to look for developing trends.

$500 invested in amazon in 1997 would be $540,540 today.

I know that example is extreme but the point is finding a trend before it becomes a trend in the stock market is how you make a lot of money.

One of the emerging sectors in the stock market that has’t even begun to reach it’s potential is the weed sector.

Marijuana sales already hit $6.7 billion in 2016 according to¬†and with more and more states legalizing and California recently legalizing recreational use it’s evident the whole US will eventually be legal and when it happens the already multi-billion dollar weed industry will explode.

Remember to research these companies very well and figure out why they have an advantage in the industry. Use sites like yahoo finance to get deeper insight into these companies so you know you’re making the right investment.

This is not financial advice, just my opinion but just remember it takes money to make money.

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    You make up a good point.

    But how would you pick a growth stock?Would you still apply Buffet’s rules?

    And wouldn’t indexing be safer and easier for the regular Joe with not enough knowledge about stocks?


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