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How To Gain 10,000 Real Instagram followers

At the time of writing this I currently have 55.2 Instagram followers. Here’s how I did it

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UPDATE* 19 days later and our page now has 66.7 followers, an 11,000 increase, proof these strategies work!

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Instagram’s new algorithm

Instagram has developed a new algorithm that makes it so only the best content is seen. They now detect accounts that use methods that use to work to grow accounts fast such as follow/unfollow, engagement pods, or buy followers, even through these changes we have been growing so fast….how?

First, you need to know that when you post something only 10% of your followers and see it, depending on the engagement you get (likes, comments, and amount of times the photo was saved), Instagram will show more followers. So how are you going to make it so more of your followers see your posts? You’re about to learn!

1.) Value content

The main way we’ve been able to grow is by posting photos that educate people and possess value.

You need to post things that people find value in, this will make your followers, comment, like and save the photo which tells the algorithm your post should be seen by more people

Not only is the photo visually appealing it also teaches people something so they save it for later.

The new algorithm puts a huge emphasis on 1st hour activity. The more likes/comments in the first hour the more followers will be exposed to your photos. Maximize first hour likes by posting at prime times such as 5pm on weekdays, and noon.

2.) Engagement Content

One way to increase your followers fast is engaging content, pictures that make your followers comment on your pictures specifically “tag a friend” Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 11.40.09 PM.pngphotos

A couple ways to do this are giveaways and emotional posts, such as a picture that says “tag a friend that makes you happy” it connects with them emotionally and makes your followers bring a friend to your page. Since you post valuable content they’ll be glad to follow.

Make sure you’re commenting back to your followers so they have incentive to comment next time you post, it’s fun to communicate with them and builds a stronger connection.

You should have an 80-20 balance of valuable content to entertaining content. Sometime the entertaining content will go viral and help bring in more people to your page. Repost videos that have already gone viral, they already proved they’ll get views so use that to your advantage.

3.) Strategic partnerships and shout-outs

The key here is to connect with similar accounts in your niche and help each other out. Post some of their photos, while they post some of yours.

This will enable your followers to see their posts and their followers to see yours.

Make sure you’re tagged in every photo that other accounts post of yours so people can easily click to your account. Once again since you’ve been consistently posting value they’ll gladly follow.

4.) Shout-outs

I’ve been lucky enough to get shout outs for free, large accounts with 300K + followers liked my content and posted some which led to my 3000+ follower days but you can also purchase shout-outs from large accounts, make sure to negotiate prices because people will overcharge.

Try negotiating with messages like “Hey I love your page and was interested in a shoutout to grow my page?” They’ll reply “sure it’s $xxx”

You reply “Can I see your engagement?”

Once they send it say “That’s not that much for your account size, I’ll need to think about it.”

Come back 20 mins later with a lower price and they’ll gladly take the money instead of losing the deal.

When you grow large enough you’ll be able to make income from selling shout-outs on your page (:

5.) Hashtags

Besides having visually appealing posts, you need to use relevant hashtags for your niche, simply search different hashtags in your niche and see how many posts a day they get, use the most popular ones, most effective amount is 15-20.


Another algorithm change, they see hashtags in the first comment as ‘spammy’ and will shadow ban your page.

Extra tip: Always include the hashtags of the day like #mondaymotivation or #sundayfunday

I use to make my pictures.

6.) Giveaways

Giveaways are a fun way to get engagement and make your followers enjoy your page more, make sure as the rules for your giveaway to enter they must be following your page and tag a friend.

7.) Content’s Most Important…but Consistency is More Important

Posting quality content is king, making sure it’s valuable but also visually appealing, but if you don’t post consistently, ideally 2-3 times a day every day or your account will begin to flutter out, keep the momentum strong even if your posts are doing so hot keep posting, it’ll pay off soon.

8.) Be Different

Your account will die or never take off if you just copy other accounts. People want to see original, different, authentic content.

Don’t be the same quote page or fitness page, there’s already 100s of those, the way you’ll get posted on bigger pages and attract crowds is by being different. Instead of doing normal fitness videos, do all your workouts dressed up as a cowboy, it’s weird, it’s different. People want to see different, go against the grain.

Tools to use:

Content creationword swag and

Progress tracking:

Post scheduling: HootSuite , IFTTT

Hope this helped! If you found this useful subscribe at the bottom of this page (:


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