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5 Ways To Make $500

$500 could go towards your next investment, an emergency fund, or maybe even a nice vacation.

Even if you don’t need the extra cash it’s always nice to have it

Let’s find out how you can make $500

1.) Save…in two ways

I know saving is the most boring strategy you’ll hear but it is one of the most effective,

Start rounding up all your loose change around the house, in your car, after small purchases and save that up. I did this recently and came out with $83…that’s a lot of pennies

Next, cut back for 3 months on eating out, coffee runs, etc. Just try this for three months and you’ll be amazed how much you can save and this will help you develop important saving habits.

2.) Garage sale

The old fashioned garage sale is perfect for you if you have stuff lying

246x0waround the house you don’t need/use anymore, you can now do this on sites like ebay¬†making it a lot easier.

You could sell one or two big items like old workout equipment or a bunch of small stuff like books, video games, etc.

3.) Create a blog

This is my personal favorite (I’m a little biased because it’s one I’m currently doing right now)

There are many 6 figure bloggers who get to travel and make money by just posting ad’s on their blog because they’ve built up such an audience.

The key is to pick a niche that people would be interested in and try to get a specific focus point.

If you’re going to start a blog I’d recommend wordpress, the software I’m using right now because it’s relatively cheap for all the tools it has, and it has it’s own ad system called ‘Wordads’ that pays you for posting their ads on your blog.

4.) Uber

If you have a fuel efficient car and live in or near a city you can make some serious side cash driving

2F8DZeeB_400x400.jpgfor Uber.


Make sure you’re an awesome driver because Uber allows tips now. (:

In my experience riding in uber’s I made sure to tip drivers that went above and beyond with things like having gum for us riders


5.) Fiverr

If you have a skill such as writing or designing logos, make a job posting on fiverr and get paid for your side hustle.

Highly demanded jobs on there include logo design, proofreading, editing, and content creation.

Go get that money!

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