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Tai Lopez and Gary Vee Are More Alike Than You Think, Here’s Why

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Tai Lopez is possibly one of the most hated people in the internet marketing space and Gary Vee is one of the most loved.

But they do same thing…on the front end of their business.

They both push out a ton of content that revolves around them which builds a ‘self-brand.’ Their whole business is based on their self-brand.

Gary Vee puts out motivational content that hits people in the heart while Tai Lopez puts out content with attractive women, cars, and money which hits people’s temptations but both are building a self brand. Both of their instagrams currently have 6 million followers combined.

photo-1446585522508-708651815284The difference is in their type of content and what they sell on the backend.

Gary uses his brand to charge massive amounts for his social media marketing business while Tai uses his brand to sell a bunch of courses online.

Building a self brand is slowly emerging as one of the most profitable online business’s because it leads to multiple monetizations opportunities like affiliate marketing, being an influencer and selling products.

Instagram is one of the best places to do so, check out our blog post on gaining 10,000 real followers.

These guys took complete advantage of the opportunity

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