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The Mindset Shifts Necessary to Make More Money

Before becoming the highest paid author of all-time JK-Rowling was living on welfare with a dependent child.

What was it that took Jk-Rowling from rags to riches?

Today, I want to talk about the most important thing you can do to make more money.

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The money mindset

The greatest thing you can do for yourself is taking control of your mind and the thoughts you think because you can only go as far as your mind let’s you.

Let’s see what makes up the money mindset.

Knowing you can

The average person thinks that successful people have an upper hand or some special trait that makes them better.

The money mindset says you are capable of all your dreams if you put in the necessary work.

Thinking outside the box

Most people don’t become wildly successful like JK Rowling, so don’t think like most people, think outside the box. Be creative with your business’s, there’s 1,000s of ways to make money, find a creative way to increase your income.

Don’t be obsessed with other people’s thoughts

People are going to have something to say no matter what you do, so you might as well go after everything you’ve ever wanted. The money mindset is not caring what other people have to say and setting your ego aside.


There is so much money out there, enough for everyone to make some. The average person has it made up in their mind that all the rich people have the money already. The money mindset is a mindset of abundance.

Go out there and make it happen! You change your mindset, you’ll change your life.

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