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How to Make $40 a day If You’re Broke

You know the saying, it takes money to make money…..”but what if I don’t have any money?!”

I’m about to teach you how you can consistently make $40/day without putting any money down.

Step 1

Create a large instagram following.

This is easier said than done but luckily for you I’ve created a free guide on how to grow an account fast you can download at the end of this blog.

Some extra secrets, when your first starting, repost content that has already gone viral and give proper credit, you’ll be sure to get likes because these have already gone viral!

Step 2

Sell shout outs.

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 8.49.47 PM.png

When you reach the 8,000 follower range you can start earning $5-$25 per story post you use to shout out smaller accounts.

All the payments on there except the $500 one are from the past two weeks from selling shout outs on various accounts.

You can seek out small accounts in your niche under 500 followers and DM them this script

“are you interested in a cheap shout out to help grow you page fast”

I’ve had a pretty high success rate with that line.

Step 3

Affiliate marketing products in your niche.

Be active in your instagram stories and when you like a product such as a book related to your account niche, put a swipe up link in your story using an affiliate link.

The easiest place to sign up is amazon affiliates. They have so many products. Find out more about affiliate marketing here.

This is a pretty simple but effective way to make $40 a day, especially with the increase in drop shippers and amazon sellers looking for instagram influencers to promote their stores and it’s free to make an account, create pictures and sign up with amazon affiliates.

You can’t be lazy! This is an exact step by step process to add another income stream. Here is the free Instagram growth guide


Hope this helped! (:

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