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Make Your First Dollar Online This Week. Here’s How

Making money online sounds amazing in theory but the problem is it’s not easy like it’s portrayed.

Stick around and read this and you will have all the knowledge it takes to make your first dollar online by the end of this week.

Questions are encouraged in the comments so we can help you get jumpstarted!

Step 1.) Understanding what people are looking for

Everyone online is looking for one thing, value. People go online to have their questions answered and get their problems solved.

Your focus needs to be on helping people solve a problem they have.

The first step is figuring out what the problem is that people have.

Here’s an example of us providing value by telling people what the best business books are.

Step 2.) Join and or make a facebook group

After you’ve identified the problem, let’s go with ‘losing weight’ you need to join a facebook group based around the issue.

Search for ‘fitness’ and join several groups in this niche.

While in the group, post a couple times during the week, purely providing value and helping people.¬†Giving ideas based on what’s worked for you to lose weight.

The key is to join a group niche you actually like and have experience in.

Step 3.) Monetization

Now that you’ve provided value and helped people, you have their attention which is what matters in business.

Now you’re going to post a product you like that helped you with fitness and give either a story behind the product or a review of the product.

Let’s say you used a certain tea to curve hunger, you’ll

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 11.51.47 AM.pngtell a story about how it worked for you and how it helped you lose 5 lbs in 2 weeks. Make sure you give an honest story or review.

Attach an affiliate link to the tea and when people go to buy the product through your link you’ll get a portion of the sale.

Sign up with amazon affiliates to do this, it’s free and easy.

I hope this helps. Now go out there and start earning!

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