95 Side Hustle Ideas You Can Start Today

Everyone wants to know how they can start a side hustle to make some extra cash, work less, and ultimately enjoy some more financial freedom.

The hardest part is coming up with what side hustle might be right for you.

Here is a list we put together featuring 50 side hustle ideas for you.

1.) Amazon

Selling on amazon has emerged as one of the most popular side hustles and full time hustles for some. The idea is rather simple, buy low priced items and ‘flip’ or sell them for higher prices on amazon.

2.) Amazon affiliate’s program

You can promote other people’s product’s on amazon and earn a commission from each sale. You’re basically an online salesman

I know a guy who makes $1,000/ day doing this.

3.) Tutoring

Let’s put the degree to a little extra use for a side hustle.

Tutor kids and get paid between $14-22 an hour on sites like VIPkid

4.) Social Media Marketing

Have you mastered social media?

Small business’s will pay generous amounts if you can properly manage their social media to bring in more customers.

5.) Mowing Lawns

People are lazy…but you’re not (:

Invest in a solid riding lawn mower and go through your local neighborhoods mowing lawns.

6.) Be a friend

Yes you can get paid for your friendship. If you have a warm, bubbly personality try earning some extra cash with Rent a friend

7.) Build an app

With sites like appypie you can take you app idea to the app store with 0 coding knowledge.

8.) Baker

If you always been a wiz in the kitchen maybe it time’s to take those skills to the bank. Start selling your delicious homemade goodies.

9.) Clean Pools

As I said, people are lazy

Cleaning pools can be a nice side hustle.

10.) Build an Instagram Page

Instagram influencers can bring in 1,000s from brand promotions and selling shout outs.

Check out our post on how to grow to 10,000 followers.

11.) Sell Your Stock Photo’s

If you’ve always had a knack for photography you can sell your photo’s to sites just like this one.

12.) Rent out a room in your house

AirBnb allows you to rent out any extra rooms you have to earn some nice said cash

13.) Stocks

Investing in the stock market can be nice passive income but make sure do your due diligence before investing

14.) Crowdfunded real estate

“Real estate is so expensive to start!” Have no fear, sites like Fundrise allow you to pool your money together with other investors to invest in real estate.

15.) Uber / Lyft

If you don’t enjoy going out to the bars make some extra cash picking people up on weekends, you can earn extra during hot hours.

16.) Food Delivery

Become a part time independent food delivery worker with postmates.

17.) Test Websites

Business want their websites to be consumer ready. Get paid to test their websites and  give feedback.

Here’s a site we recommend

18.) Create a course

Turn your expertise into an online course that you can sell on sites like teachable 

19.) Write an E-book

Write an exciting fiction novel or an informative non-fiction book and self publish it on amazon.

20.) Mystery Shopper

Some retailers hire companies to evaluate the quality of service in their stores; they often use mystery shoppers to get the information

21.) Take Surveys

There are a lot of scam companies that claim to pay you for taking surveys but you can legitimately get paid to take surveys online.

The only site I’ve found I trust is Swagbucks though I haven’t looked hard

22.) Monetize your Youtube channel

If you consider yourself an entertaining person think about starting a Youtube channel and earning some ad revenue.

How to channels that educate viewers also do well as entertainment channels.

23.)  Create a Membership site

Offer awesome content to both free and paid subscribers but only give exclusive content to the paid members of your site.

24.) Blog

Blogging can be a fun creative outlet that can turn into a side hustle though affiliate marketing and selling ad space.

25.) Become a Physical Trainer

You have muscles. We want muscles.

Become a physical trainer in your spare time if you enjoy and are an expert at fitness

26.) Create a subscription box

An old friend of mine turned an idea into a 6 figure subscription box company that gives girls a surprise treat during their time of the month. It’s called the PMS package

27.) Be a dog walker

Sites like Rover allow you to make money walking man’s best friend.

28.) Sell on Fiverr

If you have special skills like book cover designs you can sell you can become a freelancer on Fiverr

29.) Sell Crafts on Etsy

Take your artistic talents to Etsy and sell some of your pieces.

30.) Resume Editing

A lot of people struggle to perfect their resume before that big job interview and you can save them! Build up a reputation, create a website, and earn up to $100 per resume you critique.

31.) Moving Company

Moving can either be a fun experience or a horrible experience. Either way people need help moving their heavy belongings.

32.) Be a Handy Man

If you’re good with a wrench become your neighborhood handy man.

33.) Babysitting

Do well with kids? People will pay a premium for the best care for their kids.

Get good reviews on sittercity and start landing jobs left and right.

34.) Petsitting

People REALLY love their pets. Become the person who cares for their pets when they can’t.

35.) Painting Service

I’ve never met someone who likes to paint. Gather up some friends and start a painting service.

If you’ve ever paid to get a paint job you know painters can earn a lot of money.

36.) Teach Music

Teach others how to play an instrument or instruments you have skills playing.

37.) Teach Yoga

Help others get fit and stretch out with some paid yoga sessions.

38.) Junk Hauling

Business’s will pay you to haul of their unwanted junk. You’ll need a truck but if you can sell the junk too then you got another source of money.

39.) Buy an established online business

If you have a lump some of cash sitting there, this is a very viable option. Buy a business that already has cashflow and then work on ways to increase the cashflow.

40.) Licensing Products

Consider yourself someone with a bunch of great ideas but not a business person?

You can license your ideas and products so other people do the selling and you sit back and earn a check every month.

41.) Garage Sale

More of a one time thing but if you have a lot of unwanted items in the house a monthly garage sale could pocket you some nice cash.

42.) Start a Food Truck

Find a busy area and put your food truck there. Make it unique and make sure the food is exceptional.

43.) Save More Money

The best way to make more money is to simply spend less (I know that’s not making more money) but you will have more money in the end.

Find ways to cut daily/weekly costs.

44.)  Become a Virtual Assistant

Online entrepreneurs are always looking for an extra hand.

You can be a virtual assistant and handle the small day to day work for multi millionaire online entrepreneurs.

45.) Party Planning 

Are you the friend that is great at planning parties? Make it a little side hustle and start planning parties for more than just you and your friends

46.) Tour Guide

If you live in a big city where new people need help getting around you could become a local tour guide.

47.) Writing 

Freelance writing is turning into a big market. Put your job offers on Fiverr  and start writing E-books, blog posts, etc.

48.) Rent Out Your Car

Sites like Turo allow you to rent out your car to someone for the day.

49.) Consulting

Help small business’s grow and give them direction on how to beat their competitors.

50.) Life Coach

Help people reach their full potential as a person and get their life in order.

51.) Wood Worker  

An old friend of mine would do custom wood furniture pieces for families and earn a pretty decent paycheck on the side. 

52.) Dropshipping 

Connect customers to manufactures without keeping any goods in stock. 

53.) Copywriter 

Get paid for writing persuasive ads and letters which get people to part with their money. It’s a deep skill and  can get you paid well by businesses to do this 

54.) Content Translator 

Major influencers want to go global and will pay you to translate their content into a new language, so they build a global audience. 

55.) Plumber 

Earn some extra cash helping people with their plumbing issues. 

56.) E-book writer 

You can write an e-book and then self publish it on amazon.

This is pretty passive income after the initial workload. 

57.) Data Entry 

Small companies will pay to have all their data organized and entered into excel sheets making their jobs easier. 

58.) Accountant 

Help friends and family out with their dreaded taxes. 

59.) Website Design 

As e-commerce continues to grow more and more people are looking to build websites. Help them design and create their website. 

60.) Catering 

If you enjoy cooking food and wouldn’t mind making large amounts of it you might be perfect for a catering business. 

61.) Car Maintenance 

Become known as your neighborhood ‘car guy’ (or girl.)

People will pay a premium to skip the trip to the car shop. 

62.) Mailbox painter 

This is a hidden gem side hustle. Something not a lot of people think about is keeping their mailbox in shape.  

63.) Donating body parts 

Yes, this sounds weird…. 

But you can get paid well for donating things like your hair and plasma by google searching ‘local plasma donation centers’

64.) Recycling 

Some states pay 5-10 cents a bottle, collect as many as you can and turn them in exchange for cash. 

65.) Answering Phones 

A large number of companies are looking to hire work-from-home customer service instead of having call centers.  

Find a customer service job on sites like Iqor

66.) Sell T-shirt Designs 

Get your creativity on and sell your shirt designs using Teespring 

67.) Sewing Torn Clothes 

Post on your local facebook pages that you will sew any torn clothes, blankets, etc. 

68.) Participate in medical studies 

 Use sites like this one to find paid medical study opportunities.

69.) Vending Machine Business 

If you have some cash sitting on the side, you can put it to work for you by buying vending machines and earning passive income by setting them up in hot spots. 

70.) Local farmer  

This one is very seasonal but if you have a little land and enjoy caring for plants sell your extra harvests for cash.

71.) Pick up trash  

Local parks and public areas will pay good money to have all their trash picked up.

72.) TaskRabbit 

Run errands and do odd jobs for people on TaskRabbit

73.) Car flipping 

Just like anything else, buy low and sell high.

Try to find decent cars for cheap, fix them up and sell them at a higher price

74.) Shoe flipping

Nice shoe brands can go as low as $15 at stores like Marshalls,

You can double the price and resell them on Ebay

75.) DJing

One of the lost arts of partying, there are still venues that will pay well for an entertaining DJ. 

76.) Sports Trainer

Teach kids how to play a sport.

If you’re good at a certain sport, you can charge around $30 an hour.

77.) Sell stuff for charity

If you buy a chocolate bar for $1, and you sell it for $4 and donate 50% of revenue to charity, you still made a 25% profit.

78.) Vending Machines

If you own a physical business, it would be smart to set up a vending machine that creates revenue on its own.

79.) Buy and Fix Cars

They’re everywhere. Crashed used cars that are sold for $2,000.

If you fix it, you can make profit reselling at a higher price.

80.) Refereeing

Whether you live in a small or big town, you can always referee local sports games and get paid for it.

81.) Haircuts

Buy a barber set and learn to cut hair. Three cuts a day could get you $200 extra a week.

82.) Personal chef

If you learn, or already know, how to cook well, a lot of locals would be glad to pay for your services.

83.) Photography

A camera is a great investment.

For one, it only costs $1,000 to be ahead of the game. Second, a lot of high school students love photo shoots, whether it’s for prom or senior year portraits.

84.) Renting Out a Camera

This time, you don’t have to buy a really expensive camera.

But if someone needs a camera, maybe for a wedding or a graduation, you can be the man for the job.

85.) Computer Repair

Very few people learn this skill, so if you master it, you could be making serious money.

86.) Church Work

If you’re religious, it would be smart to contact your local church and ask if they need an accountant, preacher, teacher, etc.

87.) Stringing Tennis Rackets

There’s always a demand for stringing in the tennis world.

If you’re close to a tennis community, invest in a stringing machine and charge for your services.

88.) Doing Homework

Teenagers hate school. I bet you did too.

Try offering students for your work, whether it’s a research paper or essay.

89.) Transcribing Audio

A lot of you tubers and podcasters need transcribers to start a blog.

You can start by contacting them, pitching your prices, and then start transcribing!

90.) Programming Firesticks/Roku

Firesticks and Roku are streaming devices that can be programmed.

If you program streams and apps into the device, there’s tutorials on YouTube, the value of the device doubles up.

91.) Flip college textbooks

College students would kill to save money.

Find used college books online and resell them.

92.) Flipping domain names

Watch out for upcoming, trending businesses. But their domain name early and sell it to them when they grow.

93.) Staying Healthy

Sites like Pact and Achievement will track your health progress. Based on what you achieve, you will get paid.

94.) Online Dating Consultant

Even though most of this industry is scammy, if you have the talent, you can start creating credibility online and charge for coaching!

95.) Refurbish Old Electronics

You see these in GameStop, eBay, etc.

Buy used phones, fix them, and resell them online.

Your turn to add one!

This was a long list but it’s not done yet! Comment an idea I missed in the comment section!

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