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Top 10 Business Podcasts In 2018

Why do I love podcasts so much? It’s simple.

Podcasts allow me to listen to valuable information while I run my daily errands.

I can be listening to an inspirational Garyvee podcast while I shower, or the Tony Robbins Podcast while I eat Cheerios in the morning.

As an entrepreneur, you’re always trying to make the best use of your time.

A podcast allows you to do this by fitting two tasks into the same time frame.

It allows you to learn about Instagram marketing


g while you drive to work, and therefore it frees up time for the day.

I made this list to encourage you to listen to more podcasts this year!

They are a great source for information, and they are time efficient. Below are some of my favorite podcasts, and why you should listen to them.

Tony Robbins Podcast

If you don’t already know Tony Robbins, he’s one of the most awesome, awesome, awesome, and…(did I say awesome yet?) motivational speakers in the game.

The Tony Robbins Podcast is full of methods that can help anyone achieve their goals, whether they’re business-minded or not.

The Action Catalyst

A call to action to those who need it. The Action Catalyst is a great podcast, hosted by Rory Vaden. In here, Rory discusses the ways in which you can manifest your ideas into reality.

Conscious Millionaire

Maybe you should put this one off until you own a business. Conscious Millionaire is a serious guide to making your first million dollars.

The podcast goes over mindset, marketing techniques, and personal improvement.

Social Pros Podcast

Last year, this was named the best podcast at the Content Marketing Awards.

There’s always social media experts invited to the show, where they discuss their triumphs and mistakes with social media. If your goal is to expand your business with social media, look no further.

Planet Money

Have you ever tried reading about the economy on CNN news?

It’s as boring as watching the grass grow. Now, imagine Joe Rogan was an expert in economics, and he invites you over for wings and beer to discuss the economy.

That’s basically Planet Money, but you have to get your own food. It’s important to know the economy as a businessman, and how you can use the current state to your advantage.

Nice Guys on Business

Nice Guys on Business runs with a pretty neat schedule. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonne interview Business magnates.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the couple of friends casually converse about random topics.

Their goal is to give the listener a break from the informative business podcasts. They give the listener a sense of friendship, the honesty, trust, and humility that also build a business.


Andrew Warner hosts “Mixergy.” This podcast is directed toward entrepreneurs, people with big dreams and aspirations.

If you’re looking for a podcast that will invite the best entrepreneurial minds to explain to you how to start a business, that idea you have always dreamed of, this one is for you.

Growth Marketing Toolbox

You will find the best tools for marketing in here.

It consists of interviews with people who successfully use and sell online marketing tools, such as SEO and KISSmetrics.


This podcast is a behind the scenes documentary of Leadpages, from the businesses’s marketing strategies to its fascinating story.

The podcast touches base on every factor that lead Leadpages to the Inc 500 company it is today.

Call to Action Podcast

We know the product doesn’t always guarantee sales.

On YouTube, you can find teenagers making hundreds of thousands of dollars by drop-shipping cheap Chinese bracelets. How? They market. They will market cheap products by making them appear professional. In turn, they make a lot of sales.

This podcast teaches you how to make more sales through smart marketing.

It focuses on increasing conversions and productivity. A strong theme of “Work smart, not hard,” runs through the podcast.

If you need to know how to make more sales, this podcast is for you!

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