25 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than $1,000

So you want to start a business that doesn’t require a lot of money to get started. The good news is, there are a number of businesses that you can start that require an investment of $1,000 or less!

What you will notice is that instead, these businesses will require a lot of time and energy to get started. You can either invest your time or your money!

Below is a list of business ideas that you can start without making a huge monetary investment.

1. Dropshipping Business (Cost: $30 to $50/mo)

One of the most popular ways to make money online these days is by dropshipping. Essentially, you are selling products that you are never putting your hands on. You build out a website, run ads to get traffic to the site and then fulfill the order.

For example, many people are creating a Shopify store where they can sell products from AliExpress. Keep in mind that it will take weeks if not months for products to ship from China, so you want to be transparent about this on your site!

A better way to dropship is to ship the products to the United States first and pay for fulfillment services. This will significantly reduce the shipping time.

Dropshipping Model
Dropshipping Explained, Oberlo

2. Lawn Care (Cost: $500 or less)

Buy a lawn mower, some sell for under $200, market yourself with flyers and business cards, and start mowing. This is one of the easiest businesses to get started with!

People may also need other help with gardens, such as picking weeds or even watering.

In the Winter, you can offer snow removal! Typically people who pay for lawn care also pay for snow removal.

Tip: Look for neighborhoods that have a lot of older people living there. 

3. Grocery Delivery (Cost: $0)

There are a number of different apps out there that connect you with shoppers. You will go out and shop on their behalf, and they will pay you for delivering the groceries!

Tip: Bring the groceries upstairs in apartment buildings and you will likely get a better tip from the customer! 

4. Social Media Influencer (Cost: $0)

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Build out a social media account and then leverage affiliate marketing, sell shout outs or secure a brand deal. While it could take 12 to 18 months to build up a social media account, it is well worth it! This can cost you as little as $0, all you are investing is your time!

Tip: Paying for shout outs from larger accounts can help you grow your account faster.

IG LOGI 2.png
Instagram Logo

Take Josue Pena for example. He has an Instagram network with over 4 million followers and his social media marketing agency brings in close to $100,000 a month!

Click here for a free Instagram training guide by Josue Pena!

5. Domain Flipping (Cost: $10 to $12 per domain)

Try to find upcoming businesses or influencers that might need a website in the future.
Buy a domain with their name now, and when they go looking for it, they will need to buy it off you.

Or, find domains that will have commercial value down the road and hold on to them! Here is a perfect example of this. A populated area was getting a new area code. A young entrepreneur purchased domains that had the new area code in them. Then, he sold them for a higher price once people were looking for them!

6. Flip Websites (Cost: $250 per site)

If you are good at website design and content creation, consider building out websites and then selling them down the road. It could take 6 months or  longer to build a website, but this could be a worthwhile investment if someone is willing to buy it! You could do the same thing with social media accounts or even Shopify stores.

7. Flip Discount Designer Merchandise (Cost: $100 for inventory)

This is hands down one of the easiest ways to make money out there. Go to stores like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx and use your phone to see what shoes and handbags are selling for on eBay. Buy them at a low price and sell them for a higher price online!

8. Blogging (Cost: $10/mo or less)

Blogging can be a fun creative outlet that can turn into a side hustle though affiliate marketing and selling ad space. One example of this is Good Financial Cents. Jeff Rose started this blog over 10 years ago, but in one month alone he made over $100,000!

Check out this video Jeff Rose did talking about that.

9. Sell A Product  (Cost: $100 to $300)

There is a huge market for homemade products like soaps, candles and clothing.

If you can make your own products and offer them without harmful chemicals, you will have customers lining up to buy them! You can sell your products online or at local craft fairs and open markets.

10. Babysitting Business (Cost: $0)

This is one of the oldest businesses in the book! Give parents a break for the night and get paid to watch the little ones. You could also watch pets or open a doggy daycare!

11. House Painting (Cost: $250 to $500)

If you are a good painter, you can do it yourself. Or, you could hire it out to someone else! Outdoor painting is more dangerous, but if you have the equipment and the skill you can charge significantly more.

12. Social Media Manager (Cost: $10 to $50/mo)

Investing Simple is affiliated with Online CEOs by Josue Pena.

Take charge of business accounts and help them grow online. Business owners are busy. If you can help them get more customers through the door, they will gladly pay you $1,000 a month or more!

Take Josue Pena for example. He has an Instagram network with over 4 million followers and his social media marketing agency brings in close to $100,000 a month!

Learn more about what Josue Pena does here.

13. Consultant (Cost: $0)

You can consult in almost any professional field, like accounting, branding, business or any other area of expertise. This can be one of the most profitable businesses out there!

14. Freelance Writing (Cost: $0)

If you are a good writer, there are a number of different ways to make money as a freelance writer. You could write blogs for websites, write resumes, cover letters and even essays!

15. Event/Party Planner (Cost: $0)

Help them develop a theme, then use that for invitations, decorations and entertainment. Many parents would gladly hire you to plan and run a child’s party. The more unique your parties are, the more you can charge!

Tip: The more exciting the experience is, the more they will pay for it. 

16. App Developer (Cost: $500 to $1,000)

Fantastic new apps appear every day, and with lots of hype, many go viral and earn their creators a lot of money, sometimes millions.

If you have a great idea for an app you can use sites like Appy Pie that will make your app for you so you don’t need coding experience to take your app to market.

Or, partner up with a friend who knows how to develop an app. You can focus on what you want the app to do and your friend can develop and design it! Once your app is complete, you can make money 24/7 selling it on an app store.

17. Computer Skills Tutor (Cost: $0)

Word, PowerPoint, Excel; such programs are popular, but not everybody knows how to use them. Learn to use them and teach others for a price.

Tip: Teach continuing education classes at schools and colleges!

18. Ride Sharing (Cost: $0)

If you don’t enjoy going out to the bars make some extra cash picking people up on weekends, you can earn extra during hot hours. Apps like Uber and Lyft make it easy!

Uber App, Flickr

19. Video Editing (Cost: $0 to $500)

Reach out to famous people on YouTube and offer to do video editing for them. Build up a portfolio of projects that you have worked on in the past!

Tip: Offer to do the first video edit for free! 

20. Graphic Design (Cost: $0 to $500)

If you are well versed with Photoshop and other design software, you could be a freelance graphic designer! You could start on a site like Fiverr to build up a portfolio of projects.

21. Create An Online Course (Cost: $0 to $500)

Ready to demonstrate how to write the perfect resume? Knit a sweater? Read tarot cards? Buy a car? Balance a checkbook?

If you’re an expert (or willing to do the footwork and become an expert) on any topic, you can create an online course to teach others your skills.

Setting up the curriculum requires a time commitment, as does marketing your course, but once it’s up and running, you’ll earn passive income based on the number of students.

Teachable 5
Teachable Course Earnings

Ryan Scribner offers a free course all about building a successful online course or membership site. You can enroll here!

TIP: Ask people who’ve completed the course to write a testimonial praising it, and publish their words.

22. Start A Podcast (Cost: $0 to $500)

This can be a form of entertainment or information.While it will take some time to build a large following, there are countless ways to make money with a podcast! This type of media is growing in popularity because you can multitask and do other things while listening to your favorite show.

23. Vacation Planning (Cost: $0)

People who want to vacation want everything to go smoothly. Work for them and plan their vacation, find their hotel, activities, and restaurants for their dream vacation! High end clients will love this service.

24. Carpet Cleaning (Cost: $500 to $1,000)

Scrubbing stains out of carpeting and rugs is a task no homeowner wants to take on, which means you can provide the service for a tidy profit.

Invest a small sum of money into cleaning products and a commercial grade carpet cleaner! Satisfied customers will spread the word and soon your business will be thriving.

25. Photography (Cost: $0 to $1,000)

Photography has an easy market in small communities, as everyone likes having pictures of themselves or important moments. Build your reputation by having the best camera, editing skills, and prices. A great website and business cards are essential!

The most important thing here is to find a business and stick with it! It will take time to get established and to build a client base. Be patient and commit to trying this business out for at least six months. 

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