30 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than $1,000

I’m pumped for you.

Because instead of wasting your time, you’re reading this article. You’re investing time into your future.

But reading won’t get you as far as acting. You need to act upon your ideas, so that they won’t be an ideal, but a reality.

Below is a list of business ideas that you can start without making a huge investment.

1.) Drop-shipping business

You set up an E-commerce website. A customer orders products from your online business.

You pass the order information along to your dropshipper.

The dropshipper packages the products and ships them directly to the customer.

2.) Lawn Care

Buy a lawn mower, some sell under $200, , market yourself, and start mowing.

3.) Grocery Delivery

Charge neighbors or friends to shop groceries for them. People who are busy, have difficulty moving around, or are simply lazy will be glad to give you money!

4.) Social media

Build an Instagram profile, like we did, and sell shoutouts, sell ads, or try affiliate marketing.

With $200, even though it can be done for free, you can get lots of shoutouts, which converts to lots of followers.

5.) Domain flipping

Try to find upcoming businesses or influencers that might need a website in the future. Buy a domain with their name and they might need to buy it off you.

6.) Flip websites

Grow a website for someone else, or grow one for yourself and sell it.

This can be done on Flippa. Marketing should cost you less than $200.

7.) Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Ross…

Go to stores, find valuable products sold for a low price, then list them on eBay for a higher price and sell them.

8.) Blogging

This is a very slow and hard way to make money. It takes years of nobody reading your blogs before you start making some real money.

But, it can pay over $100,000 a year. On WordPress, you can get an account, site, and domain for just $50 a year.

9.) Selling a product

If you have the ability to produce or attain a valuable product for low costs, then you should try and sell it online.

You won’t need much money to just sell one product.

10.) Babysitting Business

Create an online site in which local citizens can find a babysitter.

Sort of like craigslist, but target your own community.

11.) Local Sports League

Identify a popular sport in your community. Then, create a league for that sport.

Usually, parents will pay to enroll their children in such teams.

12.) Make Money off your hobby

Whether it’s sports, art, or collecting movies, you can make money off your hobby by: teaching it, blogging or vlogging about it, etc.

13.) House Painting

In some states, you don’t need a license.

Start by painting houses for people, then hire painters when you have the money, build a team that paints houses, and grow it into a full blown business.

14.) Social Media Manager

Create a social media account on any platform you like.

Then, you should vastly grow it to prove that you know the way to get tons of followers.

With this reputation, you will undoubtedly be getting calls to grow someone else’s account.

15.) Consultant

Is there something you know about inside out? Grow your reputation online by giving free advice on the matter.

Once you gain people’s trust and a follower base, market and charge for classes, books, and one-on-one tutoring on the subject matter.

16.) Auto Repair

If you’re into it, you can do it. Let everyone know about you, so when their car needs help, they call you for it. Not very lucrative but it is money and you’re not on the clock.

17.) Freelance Writing

This might not be for you, but if you like to write, or you’re good at it, you can do so for companies that need online marketing, reports, or blogs.

18.) Event/Party Planner


Pick a niche. A popular event to plan is a wedding, but you can do birthday parties or corporate events.

19.) App developer

Learn to build apps for others, or create your own app. You can even create a space where people hire app developers.

20.) Computer Skills Tutor

Word, PowerPoint, Excel; such programs are popular, but not everybody knows how to use them. Learn to use them and teach others for a price.

21.) Master WordPress

Focus on mastering WordPress.You can then manage people’s websites, or tutor them.

22.) Food delivery

The biggest goal is to focus on community.

Set up an online business where you sell and deliver food to people. This can make a lot of money if people need lunch at work.

23.) Video Editing

A lot of you tubers want to have an easier life.

Buy a program and courses and learn to edit videos in order to make others’ lives easier.

24.) Logo design

Learn to edit and start your own design business.

25.) Create Courses

You can create courses for yourself or for others.

Either way, this skill is used to teach a skill, and many teachers would pay you for it.

25.) Start a podcast

This is a form of entertainment or information. Make sure to add value to people’s lives; teach them something or simply make them laugh.

26.) Online Review Site

Review people’s websites.

If you charge people $10 to submit a request, you review their sites and tell them what to fix.

27.) Vacation Business

Some people just want an escape.

Create vacation plans on a site, and you set up everything, their hotel, food, tours, etc., for the people that pay.

28.) Business Coach

Most people don’t know how to start their ideal business.

If you master businesses in both physical and online worlds, then build your reputation online and sell your advice/knowledge.

29.) Rug Cleaning

Learn how to leave any type of floor spotless and fragrant. Then sell your services.

30.) Photography

Invest in a great camera. Try to own the best one around you.

Also, learn to edit pictures. Become the best photographer in your area.

I hope you liked these ideas, add one of your own below in the comments!

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