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7 Habits Every Entrepreneur Needs

In Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman In The World, he praises consistent, unbreakable habits as the keystones to a man’s success.

After all, successful businessmen and salesmen aren’t defined by one day of work, and a couple of days of success.

Their most brilliant aspect is their consistency, and how they continue to work hard, on the same far vision, every day.

We’ve all had days when we felt productive. The problem is that it’s hard to keep that kind of intensity going.

Therefore, you need to create daily habits. Habits that will keep you and your goals running hard and strong.

Here are some of the most important habits to sustain as an entrepreneur, a visionary and a dreamer.

1. Scheduled

An entrepreneur runs some sort of business model. To run a business, you need to manage your time efficiently.

Everyday, make a schedule of the tasks you have to complete by the end of the day. This will help you keep track of your responsibilities.

2. Wake Up Early

Most entrepreneurs wake up early so that they can take advantage of the most important hours of the day.

Howard Schultz wakes up at 4:30 a.m. for example, and right away he uses his time to exercise and work on his business.

3. Exercise

Exercise is very important to mental health. It pumps blood through your body, energizes you with endorphins and dopamine, and keeps you in shape.

It doesn’t have to be heavy. Most entrepreneurs exercise lightly on a treadmill.

4. Love

You can’t be the best if you’re not positive.

You need to stop complaining, and if you’re gonna say something about someone else, try not to say something bad.

It’s a horrible habit. Good entrepreneurs don’t complain, and they especially don’t waste their time criticizing other people.

5. Provide Value

A business doesn’t always require you to sell a product. A blog, YouTube account, or social media page requires you to provide value to your customers, subscribers, or followers.

You need to implement something into your schedule that asks you to provide value everyday.

Here at InvestingSimple, our schedule consists of daily publications that will add value to you.

6. Grow Your Business

Your business will never grow if you do the same thing every day. You need to constantly push yourself.

Focus on, once a week, expanding your business to larger audiences. This could be done through paid marketing, such as shoutouts or Facebook ads.

7. Prioritize Your Passion

Most people will put their business aside for nights out, hang-outs, or leisure. This is why most people fail.

You have to realize that follow your dreams is the most important and passionate thing you can do in your life.

Stop doing useless things, stop filling your schedule up with random events, and start working on your vision.

My question is: Will you just read this article, or act upon it?

The only way you can learn about yourself, and grow as a person, is to try new things and leave your comfort zone.

Reading is awesome, but it’s useless unless you act upon your knowledge.

Comment 1 habit you will pick up from this article!

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