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Self-Made Millionaire Interview

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It wasn’t always like this for Tanner J. Fox

Before becoming a 21 year old self-made millionaire, Youtube star and well known Amazon selling teacher, Tanner was a broke 20 year old trying anything he could to find some glimmer of success.

He was in college at Cal State Fullerton and wanted an extra way to make money.

That’s when he stumbled upon FBA or fulfillment by amazon. We won’t dive too


much into what FBA is but we’ll leave a link to Tanner’s course after the interview!

Tanner decided to go head first into FBA and the rest was history.

After only 1.5 years Tanner was able to pass the million dollar mark.

We were lucky enough to be able to interview Tanner and we wanted to share it with to you!

1.) What made you want to be an entrepreneur?

“I never wanted to work a 9-5 because I was kind of lazy and can’t keep my attention that long.

The main thing was the Lamborghini I alway wanted.”

Key takeaway: When you really want something, go for it.

2.) What was your biggest failure in business?

“There’s too many, most are small and I move to fast, but probably when I began to invest was when I made the biggest mistakes.”

Key takeaway: Move fast, fail often, and keep pushing. As Mark Cuban said “you only have to be right once.”

3.) What’s your #1 tip for someone who wants to reach your level?

“Find one thing that works and master it even if you fail for a year straight.

Also, learn how to teach yourself so you can do anything you want.”

Key takeaway: When you find something you’re good at, go all in. Also, take advantage of all the resources there are out there too learn.

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Get Tanner’s course here.


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