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70 Ways to Improve Your Life

Let’s cut to the chase. I want you to read over the list. At the end, pick one tip and apply it to your life.

Here at InvestingSimple, we want you to not just read data, but to act upon it!

Here’s 70 ways you can improve your life, and read, but also act.

I’ve attached the relevant links (sources) to the blue titles.

1. Sleep well

Attached to the title is an article explaining how much successful people sleep, and the negative effects lack of sleep can have on productivity, creativity, and focus.

2. Fix your circle of friendsJim Rohn once said you’re the average of the five people you spend your time with.

Don’t spend time with sheep. Surround yourself with wolves who will motivate you and push you forward.

3. Read moreAccording to research, reading can lead you to higher intelligence, income, mental acuity, and emotional stability.

4. Watch less televisionTelevision adds no value to your life, other than the fact that it’s a form of entertainment.

Cut down on tv as it wastes your time, and find a healthier pastime, like art or sports.

5. Ask for helpDon’t be afraid to reach out to your boss, friends, or idols for advice.

Whatever you’re doing in your life, ask yourself if you’re struggling. If you are, ask others for help.

6. Set goals for 1 month, 1 year, etc.

Think about what you want your life to be like in the future.

Then, set goals in order to get there. If I envision myself making passive income in one year, I’d probably start an Instagram influencer page or a Shopify store.

7. Spend less than you earn

This makes it theoretically impossible for you to become unprofitable.

Don’t work to spend. Work to save and invest.

8. Exercise

Exercise increases your productivity by 21%.


9. Eat healthierLife becomes much better when everything is in place. When your body works well, your mind tends to do so too. So eat more vegetables, fruits, protein, and cut off the junk.

“Food provides our bodies with the energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals to live, grow and function properly.”

10. Don’t settleNever stay complacent with who you are. People usually do this by engaging in habits that don’t improve them.

For example, if someone constantly plays video games, watches tv, and spends time on social media, that person isn’t growing.

Do stuff that helps you grow, and you yourself will grow.

11. Go out of your way to help someone

Don’t always focus on what benefits you. Help others. You can do this by identifying what you’re good at, and helping others become good at that too.

A study from by Roy Baumeister found that helping others gives our life meaning.

12. Start a side-hustleA side-hustle can lead you to become a successful business owner, or someone who doesn’t worry about money.

Here’s 95 side-hustles you can start today.

13. Play less video gamesVideo games are a form of leisure that tires your mind and doesn’t add value.

It may be fun, but there are healthier and more nourishing ways to have fun, like exercising or spending time with friends.

14. Save money It feels horrible seeing your paycheck get lost over a shopping spree. On the other hand, it’s fulfilling and satisfying to see your bank account maintain a steady growth.

Here’s 40 tips to help you save money.

15. Get a new hobbyTry something new. It feels refreshing to get obsessed over a quirky pastime.

Whether it’s tennis or speed-reading, try becoming good at a skill that’s new to you.

16. Express your love more often Tell your friends that you love them. Your siblings, parents, cousins, teachers, managers, etc.

It’ll make them feel good and they will treat you with more love too. This will increase your overall happiness, relationships, and satisfaction.

17. Talk to your family moreBeing, overall, more engaged with your family helps self-esteem and develops positive behaviors.

18. Be responsibleDr. Jordan Peterson is famous for his ideas. He constantly preaches one: responsibility is what creates purpose in one’s life.

If you can’t find meaning in life, try being responsible and having goals, facing them in the face and attacking your fears.

19. Don’t procrastinateProcrastinating has been linked with cardiovascular disease and hypertension.

This is largely due to the fact that procrastination creates stress.

20. Keep your house/environment clean

21. Don’t spend so much time on social mediaSocial media can be good to catch up with friends. But it is very time-consuming and it has been linked with depression.

Try to avoid using social media more than an hour a day.

22. Avoid negativityIf you surround yourself with negative people, you will have a negative outlook on life.

Cut off toxicity and enjoy life more.

23. Be positiveAlways look at the greener side of the grass.

Whether it’s an event in your own life or just a view on others, always be positive and find something good about it.

24. Love yourself You can’t love others if you don’t love yourself. Life is much more satisfying when there are meaningful connections and relationships.

Make space in your heart for love.

25. Embrace good-natured mistakes

Good mistakes: Failed business, bad investment, lost deals. Why? Because you learn from them, and become better at the matter.

Always strive to succeed, but be ready to learn and fail.

26. Escape your comfort zone when possible Your life will never experience progress if you do the same thing everyday, every week.

27. Appreciate the things around youThe world you live in is amazing. Just think about how some people have it in more impoverished places.

Once you love your surroundings, you’ll start to appreciate your circumstances and become an overall happier person.

28. Follow methodical habits Consistency is what makes or breaks a person. In sports, the best players are the ones who have stayed consistent with their amazing performances.

Don’t be awesome one day and bad another. Try to never break your habits and you’ll constantly give results.

29. Join teams or organizationsThis helps you meet people, create relationships and meaning, and build social and work skills.

Whether it’s a sport, club, or business, always try to be part of a group. It brings meaning to life working with others for a bigger cause.

30. Be less materialisticChances are you won’t be able to have everything you want. That’s why you need to underrate materialistic possessions and care more for your health and others.

31. Travel more oftenTraveling can be an escape from normal life, or a lesson about different regions.

Either way, it’s refreshing to get out there and experience something out of the ordinary routine.

32. Spend time outside

Spending time with nature is an awesome way to feel fresh and connected with the world.

There is a certain peace of mind and body that comes at the expense of experiencing nature. It’s a break from the digitalizar, industrialized world we live in.

33. Don’t be so hard on yourself

Have great habits. Try not to break them. But if you do, don’t hate yourself for it, or think that you’re a failure.

Just get back on your feet and keep a positive outlook.

34. Take care of your body Why not be the best you can be? Make sure to groom, cleanse your face and body, moisturize, and exercise if you want to create a body you can love even more!

35. Take more pictures Often times, people regret not taking enough pictures. Nothing can go wrong if you take too many.

36. Follow your goals and dreamsDon’t live a life designed by others. Live a life you imagine for yourself.

You might resent society for holding you back. So be a free bird and follow your dreams.

37. Don’t fall to peer-pressureSocial rejection is a big part of human decisions. Try to go against the biological grain and do what you desire.

Don’t do things other people want you to do. This creates dependence and regret.

38. Do whatever feels right, not wrong

We have a conscience. We know what’s right and wrong. Don’t do things that might feel weird in your heart.

Try to go with the gut instinct and embrace it.

39. Express your sadness to those you trust; be more vulnerable Friendship is not made through happy moments, it’s made through sad moments.

Let others in your mind, be open and expressive, this is what creates meaningful relationships.

40. Fix your postureA ton of people don’t pay attention to their posture, yet, it’s a very important key to health.

Bad posture can create pain and discomfort in the neck and back, which can lead to daily sadness or uneasiness.

Good posture will fix these problems and leave you comfortable and upright.

41. Don’t nagNagging is about the biggest, most useless communication one can partake in.

It achieves nothing! All it does is create resentment and hatred toward your view of the world. So be a strong, independent person who views the world in a nice light.

42. Be outcome-independent

Have goals. Expect to achieve them. But if they don’t come true, don’t question your attempt and put yourself down.

Be independent of the outcome of things that were out of your control. It’s about the coolest thing you can do.

43. Have a daily to-do listArguably one of the most effective ways to stay productive.

Having a to-do list keeps your tasks on check, and whether you’re producing the results or not.

44. Give up smoking Smoking is an unhealthy, expensive habit. Try rehabilitation if it’s too hard to quit.

45. Go easy on the alcohol Alcohol is also an unhealthy indulgence and should be moderated. It can make you fatter, your wallet thinner, and possibly kill you if gluttonous.

46. Party lessPartying shouldn’t be the only thing you look forward to. Try active, productive group activities instead, such as exercise or study.

47. Spend time with animals

We simply don’t deserve dogs. Being around pets increases your joy and if you’re not a sociable person, it can ease loneliness.

48. Drink more waterWater is an important component to the body. Our whole body works on water. Veins, the brain, etc.

Drink more water throughout the day, you will feel hydrated and energized.

49. Have a diaryDiaries are great ways to track your emotions and daily life. You’ll be able to assess whether you emotionally stable or if you are living the life you wish you were.

Once you answer these two questions, you will either seek help or appreciate your well-being.

In addition, diaries help us relax by allowing us to purge our emotions and baggage.

50. Say ‘no’ more oftenOnce you start saying no more often, acquiescing to other people’s requests, you’ll find more time, satisfaction, and money.

51. Plan datesDates are a great way to keep you in check with your love life. It also allows you to socialize and create romantic bonds.

52. Cut down on the chips, ice cream, etc.These foods are unhealthy. Don’t eat them as much.

53. Make plans to socialize Human interaction is important, solely because of the hormones it releases and the dangerous, crippling loneliness that it suppresses.

54. Take vitamins You might be missing out on important vitamins.

If so, you should buy supplemental vitamins to achieve proper nutrition, which can lead to energy and productivity.

55. Be early to your daily happeningsBeing on time is the most satisfying thing you can do. Being late causes stress and disorder.

56. Visit a therapist

“Everyone needs therapy.”

Therapy is a powerful way to reach out for help and improve your mental health.

57. Give more compliments Complimenting others will help you achieve a positive outlook on your surroundings, and you’ll start to have a positive outlook on yourself.

58. Stop drinking sodaSoda damages and blemishes teeth. In addition, it dehydrates you and contains excessive calories.

59. Try new things

Trying new things helps you explore your own mind. You’ll find out more about yourself.

For example, if you try many art classes and math classes, you might realize you are more artistic and less logical than you thought you were.

60. Don’t multitask10 minutes can be more effective and productive than 50 minutes, if used properly. This is because distractions tend to come along.

That’s why it’s important to only focus on one task and kill it.

61. Listen to different musicMusic is an art. Different genres convey different messages.

Don’t close your mind to similar messages found in one genre, and explore the many priorities of artists across the billboards.

62. Take risksRisk-taking is awesome. It usually ends in mistakes but you learn from them.

The more risks you take, the more you learn, and the less of a risk it becomes since you are becoming experienced.

63. Have a yard-saleYard-sales are great ways to make money off things you don’t use at home.

64. Don’t use social media as an audience; be a creatorMost people are passing on the opportunity of social media.

Take this to your advantage and become a content creator. This creates experience with treating an audience, and can lead to an income.

65. Start a blogBlogs are a great way to help people. You can put out valuable information. You can also turn it into a career!

66. Learn to danceDancing is cool because you get social interaction and skill. Practice dancing as it’s a fun exercise, and because you’ll be able to have some healthy, powerful interactions.

67. Learn a musical instrument Music has been found to reduce stress, increase productivity, creativity, and confidence.

68. Engage in positive self-talk

There’s two ways you can talk to yourself: negatively or positively.

Positive self-talk allows you to find joy, hope, or optimism in any given situations.

69. Meditate

Meditation is a great form of relaxation and mental focus. Here’s why successful people meditate.

70. Value your opinion more than others’

It seems we can never escape Gary Vee’s charm. He constantly preaches that you should be original.

Don’t try to fit into other people’s expectation of you.Value your own opinion of what you should do.

Don’t let others’ criticism shape your actions. If you do, you are saying their opinion is more valuable than your own.

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