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Does Your Circle of Friends Have These Traits?

Jim Rohn says: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Think about that.

Think about the five people you choose to spend the most time with. Come up with their names and faces.

Now that you’ve identified them, read the lists below and ask yourself whether they are good or bad friends.

Good friends:

  • Celebrate your wins: Successful, secure friends should be happy for your achievements.
  • Support your decisions: They should support you when it comes to personal decisions that don’t affect you or others negatively.
  • Ask how you’re doing: Friendship involves care, and a real friend cares about your well-being.
  • Work hard: This is not a sign of friendship.
  • However, you should associate with people who work hard. They will push their work ethic onto you.
  • Be dedicated: If you ever feel like wasting time or being lazy, a dedicated friend group of friends might set the standard higher for you.
  • Help you feel accepted: Everybody wants to be accepted.
  • Be in a group where you fit in, not one where you are out of place.
  • Enjoy your company: A real friend wants to spend time with you. Therefore, look for people who you have a good time with.
  • Talk good about you: Spend your time with people who will speak good about you to others. This is a true sign of someoimg_2562ne who respects you.
  • Want the best for you: Lastly, a friend, or group of friends, should motivate you to do your best and will always push you to be a better, wiser person.

Bad friends:

  • Put down your wins: I’m not sure for certain why anyone would do this. However, it has a negative effect on you, by lowering your happiness, killing your hopes and dreams, and degrading your own self-esteem.
  • Make fun of your losses: This is crude and shows the person’s condescending perception of you, or jealousy.
  • Judge others: If they criticize others unfairly in front of you, they probably criticize you when you’re not around.
  • Put you down: Why would you want to hang out with someone who works to make you feel bad?
  • Make you feel rejected: Being rejected hurts your self-image and confidence. A friend who does this isn’t your friend.
  • Talk bad about you: If a person is constantly making fun of you, or every time they mention your name it’s to say something negative, don’t invest your time in them. Your time is not worth that little.
  • Pressure you to do bad things: They’ll invite you to drink even if you’re trying to stay sober. These people don’t have the best interest and are in reality very selfish, as they just want someone to be with.
  • Hang out with you to kill time: These “friends” simply want you to waste their own time. You can identify them if they constantly want to hang out with people they themselves put down or talk bad about. Also, they’ll push your priorities aside so they can have it their way.
  • Be lazy: This poor-man symptom will pass on to you. Don’t surround yourself with people who will make laziness and lethargy the commonality.

If you find that they are more like the good friends, then that’s awesome.

But what if they sound more like the bad friends? You should really consider dropping them.The second list of traits is a collection of horrible, evil, cheap habits. The reason why it’s important to have good friends is because they affect your well-being and you tend to grow toward their inclinations. So think about your friends and be ready to have an awkward conversation with them. Just a 10-minute talk with them might save you years of fake friendships and wasted time.

Gabriel Gutierrez: Blogger at InvestingSimple. Follow my own page: @UnemployedMillionaires for daily positivity and helpful tips.

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