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5 Tips To Kill The Instagram Game

There’s so many reasons why you want to hop on the Instagram train.

First of all, there’s millions of people on Instagram. You’re bound to have an audience if the content is right. As of December 24, 2017, according to Omnicore, Instagram had 800 million monthly active users, and 500 million daily active users.

Take your advantage of this audience while it’s still relatively small in comparison to its potential.

Social media is slowly replacing television as the biggest outlet for communication and entertainment.

You need to catch the wave early and become an authority in your niche before everybody is trying do so 5 years from now.

Therefore, I suggest you come up with an Instagram account. You will get peoples’ invaluable attention and sources of income through marketing.

Here’s five tips that will help you gain an awesome following on Instagram. Here at InvestingSimple, we’ve used them to gain over 87k+ followers in under a year.

1. Post ConsistentlyPosting consistently is imperative. You should be posting 3-5 times a day, with a couple of hours in between each post.

This is because by posting many pictures, your audience is constantly reminded of the value you offer.

In addition, posting gains followers. The more times you post, the more users see your account.

The more times someone sees your account, the higher the chances that they follow you. This, and hashtags, are the most important parts of Instagram growth.

2. Use Hashtags Relevant to Your Niche@SyattFitness is an awesome fitness account that provides informative value and extensive captions every day.He has successfully grown to 381k followers, as of May 2, 2018.

However, it’s very likely he wouldn’t be where he is now without the use of optimized hashtags.Even with such a large following, he continues to use hashtags. Why? Because he knows how the game works.

Hashtags help users find specific content. In this example, Syatt uses #bodybuilding and #caloriecounting.Users who are interested in fitness might scroll through posts with these hashtags and come across syatt’s account.

In this way, hashtags helped him reach a larger audience, which then converted into followers.

Use hashtags relevant to your content. If a user constantly likes puppy pictures, and I post a puppy picture with puppy-related hashtags, my posts will be suggested to that person.

This is an Instagram algorithm. It constantly suggests posts.

If you want your posts to be suggested to others, or be found by others, use hashtags that deal with your niche.

3. Be Active On Your Story

On May 2nd, 2018, alone, we achieved around 15k story views. That’s 15k engaged views.

Stories allow you to grab a viewer’s attention and time without bombarding their feed with 10 posts.

Therefore, you should be posting around 5 stories a day and you’ll notice that followers will engage with your page more often.

4. Collaborate

Message other accounts like yours. If you’re in a fitness niche, contact other fitness niche accounts.

Reaching out to accounts will lead you to collaboration. You can collaborate by doing shoutout for shoutout, where they promote you and your promote them.

This is an awesome way to expand your page’s presence because different followers learn about you, and the fact that a page they follow promotes you will encourage them to follow you too.

Try messaging 5 accounts a day asking them if they want to collaborate through story or feed shoutouts.

You should contact pages with a similar amount of followers.

5. Engage With Your Followers

Followers love it when you reach out to them, or react to them.

It shows them that you care about your followers and it makes them feel special.

You can achieve this by replying to their comments or simply liking them. You can also message some of them occasionally.

By making them feel special, you are creating a loyal fan base that will eventually help your page explode.

Subscribe to our page. We will be releasing an ebook soon that will guide you through the steps required to gain thousands of followers on Instagram.

Written by Gabriel Gutierrez, blogger at InvestingSimple and owner of @UnemployedMillionaires.


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