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10 Tips to Build a Stronger Network

According to Wikipedia,

“Networking is a…business activity by which businesspeople and entrepreneurs meet to form business relationships…or act upon business opportunities, share information and seek potential partners for ventures.”

In essence, networking is reaching out in order to create business partners.

This is an important process because it helps you get exposure, or help, with your business projects.

Here are 10 tips to build a stronger network:

1. Reach out on Social Media

Social media has become a big part of the marketing and business game.

Almost any and every business uses it to reach an audience and create trust.

You can use it to meet businessmen, useful and skilled people, or entrepreneurs similar to you.

2. Offer Free Help to Similar Businessmen

Working for free is one of the best way to build connections and resumes.

Identify someone who you aspire to be, or work for. Then, shoot them an email offering your skill or time for free.

They will most likely accept it.

This form of internship, if you work hard and build trust and friendship, will lead you to the person or business helping you out, and you will be able to say you worked for them.

Also, you will gain invaluable experience. If you transcribe videos for a successful YouTube for free, you will likely benefit in the forms of:

  1. Connections,
  2. Help with your own business
  3. Income (at some point)
  4. Or experience.

The first three are possibilities. The last one is a guarantee.

3. Collaborate

Work together on a project.

Give each other exposure.

Find out ways in which you can both help each other. This will strengthen each personal connection whilst growing your business.

4. Be Genuine

It’s easy to ignore generic, ugly, unappealing, cliche messages by other accounts.They’ll usually look copy-pasted and you can tell they use them for everyone.Never be generic and lazy. Have a true concern for the person you’re speaking to, use the truth, and make them feel special.

5. Get Personal

Don’t fear saying within the boundaries of business. Talk to the person on a personal level.

Speak about your own goals and his. It will make both of you vulnerable and create special trust and connections.

You will become business friends, which is the whole point of networking.

6. Try Other Spaces

Don’t limit yourself to Facebook, Instagram, or twitter. It’s important to check up on other mediums, such as LinkedIn or anything that you’re not using.

Your future connection to a million dollar deal may be on the social media that your not utilizing.

7. Follow up

Don’t just message people or accounts and then drop it.

The whole point of building a relationship is that there is ongoing communication.

8. Set up Meetings

Once you know the person comfortably, you can start setting up audio or video calls.I would suggest audio calls are best, since it’s a bit awkward and anticipating to see their face.This creates a personal and close tone. It serves as a breakaway from simply messaging through white screens with text.

9. Build a Relationship First

Don’t always pitch the sale first.

You may come off as desperate and selfish.

Be more casual and intimate. Once the person trusts you, and you trust them, you can start helping each others’ business.

10. Do it Everyday

Everyday, you have the opportunity to network. You may have 10 minutes during lunch to relax, but that’s also 10 minutes you can use to network!

The point is, there’s time.

Create a powerful network by messaging or emailing account users everyday on social media, LinkedIn, or whatever you like.

Since we’re instagram based, we find it easier to look for entrepreneurship accounts and message them.

Whether it’s a simple compliment on their page, or a tip, it’s useful to constantly interact with different creators.

The more people you speak to, the higher the chances that you find awesome connections.

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