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50 Service-based Businesses You Can Start

It feels good serving the community and it’s good for the soul.

In fact, helping others can lead you to a longer life and happiness.

So why not make money helping others? After all, it’s good for you and for the customers.

Here are 50 ideas you can aspire to make money off and help others with!

1. Home-Painting: You get painters, or yourself, to paint people’s homes.

2. Plumbing/Electrical fixing: Set up either an internet, or physical, location where you sell electrical/plumbing products.

3. Interior Decoration: If you have an eye for design, offer your services and build your reputation through free work or online presence.

4. Landscaping: This includes almost anything that improves a home’s yard, whether it’s SOD install, irrigation system, fences, floral decorations, or aesthetics.

5. Lawn Care: Get people’s lawns mowed on a membership or off the call. Hire people or do it yourself.

6. Auto-Repair: Fix vehicles when called by clients. You don’t need much money, but you do need skill or skilled workers.

7. Videotaping Services: Everybody wants memories of special events like weddings, graduations, or birthday parties.

8. Photography: Photography has an easy market in small communities, as everyone likes having pictures of themselves or important moments. Build your reputation by having the best camera, editing skills, and prices.

9. Limousine Rental: Limousines are big investments, but if you find a place where they are used commonly, you will become profitable after a couple of years.

10. Tutoring: There’s hundreds of intelligent high-school students who need money. Hire them to tutor or do it yourself!

You can also create a service where you connect the parents to the tutors.

11. Nanny Placement: Create service where people can sign up as nannies and people can find them.

12. Transportation Service: Greyhound is an awesome company that has done this successfully. You can start by getting a driver and a bus, then offering popular routes that people sign up for.

13. Child-care: Parents always want their children to be looked after. If you like dealing with children, or know people who do, it’d be an awesome business to start!

14. Private School: In an age when the school system is largely criticized, it’s a smart idea to recruit the best teachers and create an awesome education for students.

15. Marketing: A lot of companies don’t know how to market their company. Contact companies and offer your marketing services.

16. Computer Repair: Most people don’t know how to use computers, especially older people. Take advantage of this and solve their technological problems.

17. Consulting: You can consult in almost any professional field, like business, law, or engineering.

18. Window Cleaning: Window cleaning services cost an average of $207, and they don’t require much skill.

19. Power washing: This is the use of high-pressure water spray “to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces.”

20. Mobile Car-wash: Mobile car washes are an awesome idea before paying for a physical location. Travel through streets and charge to clean cars.

21. House-sitting: This is best done on holidays and vacation periods. House-sitting involves taking care of and living in houses so they won’t be empty.

22. Catering: Catering requires you to provide food and beverages for special events like dances, weddings, or graduations.

23. Debt-collection: Companies hire debt-collectors to get their pay. Debt-collectors track people who owe money to make sure they proceed with their payments.

24. Accounting: There are so many free accounting programs, and cheap ones, online. Learn to use one to the T and you will get paid a LOT for your expertise.

25. Language Translation: If you know more than one language, or someone who does, you can offer translation services online.

26. Essay-writing: @killerpapers on instagram is killing it with this. He charges clients a certain price to write school papers for them.

27. Business-Travel Management: Plan out the costs of a business trip, book the cheapest hotels, best options for restaurants, and make a schedule.

28. Vacation Planner: People who want to vacation don’t want to work. Work for them and plan their vacation, find their hotel, activities, and restaurants in their designated location.

29. Private Investigation: Private investigators collect information for anyone who hires them, whether it’s businesses, families, or parents.

30. Windshield Repair: Install and repair windshields.

31. Event Planner: Planners meet with clients to discuss and plan the event, search and book locations, food, entertainment, staff and cleanup.

32. Used-car Inspection: Buying used cars can be a hassle and problematic. Free buyers of these troubles by having their cars inspected before cashing out.

33. Acne Removal: Remove blackheads and reduce pimples professionally.

34. Tax-Form Preparer: Identify potential tax credits and liabilities and ensure accurate and complete returns are filed on time.

35. Resumes: Prepare professional resumes for applicants to either jobs or colleges.

36. Tailoring: Adjust people’s clothes using needle and thread or sewing machines.

37. Pet Sitting: Supervise pets while owners are away.

38. Free-lancing: Freelance jobs range from writing, editing, photography, to web design, graphic arts or computer programming.

39. Virtual Assistance: Virtual assistants perform administrative tasks such as replying to emails, scheduling meetings and making travel arrangements.

40. Social Media Manager: Take charge of a businesses account and help them grow online.

41. Floristry: Sell or produce flowers.

42. Barber shop: You can hire someone to cut hair and pay them by the hour. You’ll be profitable as long as you make more than you pay the barbers.

43. Car rental: Rent cars out for people for a few hours, or even a few weeks.

44. Web-site Design: This skill is important in the new age of the internet. Design company or personal websites and update them.

45. Security Services: Secure premises by setting up monitoring equipment and access points.

46. Financial Planner: Guide individuals or businesses to make wise budgets, savings or investment decisions.

47. Real Estate: Help people buy, sell, or rent property.

48. Pool service technician: Clean pools and offer equipment such as pumps, motors, and filters.

49. Graphic Design: Design logos, advertisements, or communications to consumers by hand or computer software.

50. Grocery shopping: Shop for other people, or have them order what they want online and you take it to them.

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