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10 Businesses Started in College

From Microsoft, famous, to Insomnia Cookies, not-so-much, college is not a barrier for determined entrepreneurs.

The biggest excuse people have is that they don’t have time.

The following article should kill that excuse, because it’s composed of successful entrepreneurs who attended rigorous schools, and still killed the game.

Keep reading to find out who they are!

1. Mark Zuckerberg: Arguably the most famous and successful college project in the last ten years, Facebook.Mark Zuckerberg started ‘The Facebook’ in his Harvard dorm back in 2004.

It first started as a way of connecting the students in his school.

2. Michael Dell: While studying at the University of Texas in 1984, Michael Dell sold improved versions of old computer models.

This business grew quickly and eventually became a public business in 1988. Dell is now one of the most recognized computer brands.

3. Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian: While attending college, this pair of entrepreneurs took on many business projects.In 2005, the two students at the University of Virginia founded Reddit.

4. Frederick W. Smith: In 1962, for his economics class at Yale, he wrote a paper explaining how an overnight delivery service could work in the coming era of technology.He received a C for his work. Eventually, the paper became an outline for Federal Express, or Fedex.

5. Jerry Yang and David Filo: During 1994 at Stanford, the pair thought to themselves, “How can we surf the internet more easily?”The answer was: Yahoo! 1996 was the year it became public, and today it’s the 5th most popular website globally.

6. Larry Page and Sergey Brin: Both students were attending Stanford in hopes of attaining a PhD. Brin in mathematics, and Page in computer science.In 1996, they quit school to create a search engine widely known as Google.

It has recently changed into Alphabet, which is a business mobility solution.

7. Bill Gates and Paul Allen: These two met in middle school and high school. When Gates attended Harvard for a year, Allen convinced him to drop out.Their work grew into Microsoft, a billion dollar enterprise.

8. Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy: Back in Stanford, a friend of Spiegel’s explained how he regretted sending a photo out. Spiegel and Murphy thought about a solution for this and came up with Snapchat. Snapchat was founded in 2011.

9. Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little: Back in 2003, the University of Houston student, Matt, and Mike Little, joined forces to create the Contact Management System. Now known as WordPress, the platform hosts 130,000 websites out of the 1,000,000 most popular ones.

10. Seth Berkowitz: You may not know his company. It started when the U of Penn junior had a craving for cookies during late night cramming sessions.

He started selling and delivering cookies at night, around campus. The business, Insomnia Cookies, now has over 50 locations.

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