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10 Ways to Get People to Like You

In the business world, it’s important to be liked.

It makes it easier for people to buy your product, even if they don’t know it that well.

In addition, when it comes to interactions, being liked makes it easier for people to build a relationship with you.

Because it’s good for your business, work-life, and social life, here are ten tips you can try to get people to like you…

1. Mirroring their behavior:

The Chamaleon Effect shows that unconsciously mimicking someone’s behavior makes liking easier.

2. Don’t judge them:

An FBI behavioral analyst says “the number one strategy” to get people to like him is non-judgmental validation

3. Listen:

A study conducted at UCLA finds that the number one attribute to likability is “active listening.”

4. Drop your ego:

People don’t like being contradicted. Put your own needs and wants aside.

Resist the urge to always come out on top, it puts people on the defensive and they feel threatened.

5. Tell strangers you’ve only got a minute:

People don’t usually want their time taken away. They feel threatened.By saying this, you cause a good impression and you make people feel safe and secure.

6. Smile more:

You are more likely to be liked if the person talking to you sees you smile.

It creates positive emotions within them and they see you as likable and approachable.

7. Compliment others:

People want to be praised. However, it has to be sincere in order for it to work.

Non-sincere compliments don’t align with a person’s values, and it will only make you seem sketchy.

By complimenting others, you are creating a positive atmosphere and people are more willing to listen to you.

8. Show positivity:

People tend to feel the emotions of those around them. If you want people to associate you positively, try to display positive emotions around them.

9. Be a little vulnerable:

Emotional openness is important in close relationships.

Ideal companionships are composed highly of expressiveness.

10. Find shared values:

People are more attracted to those who are similar to them, especially when it comes to negative aspects of them.Find shared values and try highlight them by talking about them.

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