25 Part Time Jobs To Make Some Extra Money In 2019!


If you’re finding your wallet empty and your budget stretched too thin, it may be time to add another job to your resume. Even part-time jobs can yield big returns.

Check out the 25 jobs below that are known to bring good sized paychecks without requiring you to clock in a 40-hour work week.

1. School Bus Driver

Most school districts have a difficult time finding enough drivers, and openings pop up at any time during the school year. Drivers are given complete training and then work around 20 hours a week or even less. Pay scales average around $15 per hour, and you may will have plenty of school holidays and the whole summer off for other pursuits.


2. Bank Teller

There are also frequent openings for tellers, and in financial institutions there’s plenty of opportunities to advance in your position. Pay is good and even as a part-timer you could have the option of contributing to a retirement account. You will quickly get up to speed handling money and your math skills will increase exponentially. Bonus: you can make your own hours and even work weekends so you can fit this part-time job into your schedule with your regular full-time job.

3. Private Tutor

If your math skills are above par or you know the books “Lord of the Flies” and “To Kill a Mockingbird” (which you read and critiqued in high school and are still part of the English curriculum) this part-time job is for you. It can be done online, but you can typically charge more if you go to your student’s home or even work at a public place such as the library. Since this job is done in evenings or weekends, this is a good choice if you’re adding a part-time job to your daytime 9 to 5 job. Personal tutors can rake in as much as $30 per hour, making this a stellar option if you’re willing to crack the books and are patient correcting grammar and spelling. Be prepared to proofread and edit your student’s work so it’s perfect.

4. Editor

Speaking of proofreading, editing is a great option because you can work your own schedule (although you need to make sure you adhere to deadlines). Build up a steady group of clients through social media marketing and word-of-mouth, and you can earn a pretty penny. Since this is done online, if you work accurately and efficiently, this can be the ideal part-time job for you.

5. Landscaper

Love being outdoors? Landscaping is a fantastic part-time gig because there’s work in all seasons. In summer, you’ll be hired to mow and trim bushes; there are plenty of leaves to rake in fall (no jumping in the piles allowed!) and snow removal in winter.

Again, you can set your own house and do the bulk of the work in summer and fall on weekends to rake in the highest pay. Design business cards to distribute and watch your client list blossom.

6. Home/Office/Church/School Cleaner

There are almost unlimited places that need cleaners, from private homes to high schools. Pop an ad up on social media and you’ll soon have lots of messages from home owners, church pastors and business people looking for cleaning services.

School cleaners and office help typically work nights, and you can squeeze in home cleaning during the day when clients are at work. Piece together a small group of customers for a part-time job that makes sense to you and your schedule.

Cleaner, Flickr

7. Office/Administrative Assistant

From making travel plans to scheduling meetings, this assistant to business people is a great part-time gig. Some assistants even work from home. You can bring in optimum pay if you snag a boss that’s a CEO in a larger company, earning around $15 to $25 per hour. Note: you will likely need to work regular business hours, so plan accordingly.

8. Deliver Mail

Did you know mail carriers average about 20 hours a week? If you are interested in being outdoors, getting lots of exercise and working independently, this job is for you.

Even though this is a part-time job, with pay around $20 an hour, you’ll see money delivered to your bank account that really adds up.


9. Dental Hygienist

If you’re willing to go back to school to earn an Associate’s Degree, this low-stress, high demand job allows you to set your own hours and also the number of hours you work each day. You will always have nights and weekends off, and can earn a smile-worthy $35 an hour.

10. Makeup Artist

Always had a way with eyeliner and contouring? Master the art of cosmetics and you can work at a store offering makeovers or work on your own with clients who want to look their best for special occasions like parties and weddings. Be sure to take pics to develop your own portfolio and ask happy clients for testimonials praising your work.

11. Yoga Instructor

Study for your yoga license and open your own business to teach classes, or work with small groups or individuals on this form of exercise and relaxation that’s become highly sought and is all the rage these days. Both physically toning and mentally soothing, yoga is being embraced by people wanting to escape the stress of everyday life. As an added bonus, you’ll get into the best shape of your life teaching classes! Time to say “namaste” and learn this art to teach to others wanting to slow down their fast-paced stressful daily life.

12. Entrepreneur

There are so many ways to work part-time developing your own niche business. Artsy? Create a brand and sell anything from painted sneakers to hand-stitched placements on sites such as Etsy. Got an idea for something that will improve peoples’ lives? Have a gadget you’d love to develop? Take the plunge and follow your dreams as an entrepreneur. If you’re committed and willing to put in the time and effort, you can watch your home-based small business grow and flourish.

13. Baker

Many successful bakers launched a business starting with just a handful of recipes for homemade pies and cakes. You will need to set up a certified commercial kitchen that meets health department standards, but once up and running, you can bake your specialty gourmet cheesecake, frosted cookies and shortbreads and even offer delivery as part of the service. Some churches and fraternal lodges have commercial grade kitchens they may be willing to rent out to you. Watch this sweet business grow, and you can turn it into a full-time job running your own bakery.


14. Pet Care

From dog walking to dog washing, this job always has a high demand. In today’s busy world, lots of business people seek dog walkers during the day, or even while they’re away on vacation. Some even hire dog lovers to go socialize with this much-loved member of their family. You can also offer pet washing and grooming at peoples’ homes. Or try a “take a pet to the vet” service to relieve owners of the stressful job of keeping Fido’s shots up to date. If you’re an animal lover, this part-time job is a walk in the park.

15. In Home Care

You will need to sign on with a professional service to take on this job, but there is high demand for people to provide home care for older adults. Your tasks will likely include light housekeeping and/or meal planning and cooking, but your main job duty will be spending time with an elderly adult, socializing and ensuring their safety. Be sure to have pristine references for your background. If you’re compassionate and want to work with people, this caring part-time job could grow into full-time work as you take on a roster of clients.

16. Realtor

Brush up on your sales skills and get your realty license, and you’re in business. Sure, you will spend a good amount of time showing homes, but commissions are high when you make a sale. Sign on with a reputable realty company and start hustling.

17. Test Monitor

This is a no-stress job that pays a decent hourly wage. From civil service tests to college exams, monitors keep an eye on what’s going on in the classroom to ensure rules are being followed and to time test completion. You will be paid by the hour for this easy peasy gig. Check with local school districts to start.

18. Grocery Store Brand Rep

This is another low stress part-time job because it doesn’t involve actual sales. Instead, you offer samples and hand out coupons for everything from Kellogg Cereals to Doritos to boost their business. Sure, you may need to wear an apron, but you can work your own schedule and even test the samples yourself.

19. Customer Service Reps

Places like visitor’s centers, museums, convention halls and hotels are always looking for guest service reps to handle everything from greeting people to leading tours. At conventions, you can be a scheduler and event organizer for any gatherings you choose, making this a part-time job that will keep you challenged and on the go.

20. Survey Caller

No one likes to answer the phone for a cold call from someone with a pushy sales pitch, but answering surveys is an entirely different thing. You can be hired by any number of companies to do surveys on peoples’ likes and dislikes that provide valuable feedback about a product or service. There may be a call center, but chances are good you can conduct surveys from home, making this ideal for setting your own hours.

21. Parking Attendant

Sure, you will have to sit in a small booth, but hey, at least you’re not on your feet for hours at a time. Ticket booth operators may also need to make change and deal with a few cranky people when you tell them the lot is full, but in general this is a low-stress part-time job that has the added benefit of working independently without anyone looking over your shoulder.

Parking Attendant.jpg
Parking Attendant, Flickr

22. Retail

You can easily name your own hours in this high-demand job. Pick a store with brands you like to take advantage of the worker’s discount. Many store workers simply greet people and offer to help them shop, or work the cash register. You don’t necessarily get involved with pushing sales on people that may be undecided. Another plus: you can work evenings or weekends at your discretion, so this job can easily be fit in with a full-time job. Seasonal work around the holidays is always available.

23. Restaurant Host/Seater

Pick your favorite chain or independent eatery and apply for a host/hostess job. This is different from waitressing, which is a stressful, labor intensive job. Hosts and hostesses generally greet people, lead them to a table and hand out menus. Time will fly by in this fast-paced job and you may even be offered discounted or free meals as a staff member.

24. Social Media Marketing

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Many people don’t know the difference between a Tweet and a Facebook post, or what Instagram even involves. Whether they want to learn these skills for a small business or for keeping in touch with family and friends, you can use your knowledge and experience with social media to teach others lacking understanding and practice. There are plenty of technology shy people out there too embarrassed to ask for help but willing to work privately with someone who knows their stuff. Leverage the social media know how you already have into a great consulting gig!

Check out this video to learn more about how you can make money through social media marketing. Here is the free training link.

25. Lifeguard

Yes, you will need to become certified, but think of the great shape you will be in afterwards. You can work outside during the summer and inside at gym or school pools in colder months, and rates of pay are high. Try this out and expect a flood of job offers coming your way.

Part-time gigs require flexibility and the willingness to think outside the box to seek work that’s in high demand. But once you’re in the groove of your 20-hour or less a week job, you will see your income soaring.

Got a suggestion for a part time job? Comment below!


  1. Nice list. I have another to add that’s almost as easy to do as going for a daily walk! I clean up litter from outside commercial properties on foot using simple hand tools. I started doing this in 1981 as a side gig and grew it into a lucrative full-time business that I still operate today. I share my experience in my book, Cleanlots, as well as offer free support.


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