M1 Finance: What Is An Expert Pie?

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M1 Finance: Expert Pies

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Times have changed, and investing in the stock market is not the same as it was 10 years ago. The rise of the roboadvisor and algorithm based trading have taken the brokerage industry by storm. One of the most established examples being M1 Finance.

M1 Finance

M1 Finance is a pie based investing platform. No, this is not the kind of pie your grandmother would make, but instead this is a pie based investment portfolio.

Within M1 Finance, your portfolio is referred to as a pie. Your pie breaks down what positions or securities you would like to hold in your account as well as how much weight they carry in your portfolio. You can create your own custom pie in M1 Finance and choose your own investments or you can invest in an M1 Finance expert pie.

In this article, we talk more about fractional shares on M1 Finance.


M1 Finance Pie Based Investing

M1 Finance Expert Pies

The M1 Finance platform also offers expert pies. These expert pies are created by M1 Finance and are offered to provide increased diversification as well as low cost alternatives to some of the other investment options on the market. Expert pies may be a suitable choice for beginners who do not want to build an investment portfolio from scratch. These expert pies can make up your entire investment portfolio or just a portion of it.

M1 Finance creates these professionally built pies based on generally accepted investing principles as well as past performance data. They offer a variety of expert pies, each composing of 2 to 20 securities depending on the type you choose. Expert pies are designed by M1 Finance investment professionals as well as third party partners such as Cambria Investments. The M1 Finance platform offers 9 different categories of expert pies.


M1 Finance Expert Pies

M1 Finance Expert Pie Portfolios

  1. General Investing: Choose from risk levels ranging from ultra conservative to ultra aggressive.
  2. Plan For Retirement: Invest for your target retirement date. Your portfolio allocation will adjust over time to become more conservative as you approach retirement.
  3. Responsible Investing: Socially conscious investing. This investment category invests in companies that are concerned about financial obligations as well as social and environmental obligations.
  4. Income Earners: Contains dividend and interest paying securities.
  5. Hedge Fund Followers: Pies that track public funds such as Berkshire Hathaway and Icahn Enterprises.
  6. Industries & Sectors: Invest in one segment of the overall economy.
  7. Stocks & Bonds: Multiple options of diversified stock and bond exposure.
  8. Other Strategies: Other investment options like blue chip stocks, domestic growth, domestic value and more.
  9. Trinity Portfolios: Portfolios created by Cambria Investments. Learn more about Cambria Investments here.
M1 Finance Expert Pie.png

M1 Finance Expert Pies

M1 Finance has a quantitative model for choosing the specific ETFs within each expert pie. This model takes into account variables such as fees, assets under management, and tracking error of standard deviation. These variables result in low-cost ETFs that track the underlying benchmark(s) better than most other ETFs in their category.

It is completely free to use M1 Finance expert pies. However, we must remember the underlying ETFs have small fees for holding the fund called expense ratios. M1 aims to select the best tracking ETFs while identifying the lowest expense ratio funds. Fee transparency is a benefit of the M1 platform.

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